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Growing-up in a musical family, Leonel Lorador started playing guitar as a young boy emulating his Portuguese father and influenced by his Spanish mother’s love of song. Leonel is from southern Portugal, a beach and river town close to the Spanish border.  Because of the proximity and the family connection to Spain, it’s easy to understand how Leonel was inspired by the music of Andalusia.

In his teens, he studied at the Conservatory of the Algarve while performing with South Wave, a hard rock band, which toured as a warm up band for the British Rhythm & Blues band, Dr.Feelgood. During his service in the army, Leonel’s duty was spent as a member of the Army Big Band, OLE, Orquestra Ligeira do Exército playing guitar and electric bass. At this time he continues his studies at the Lisbon National Conservatory of music.

At the age of 23, Leonel immigrated to the US with a dream of becoming a professional guitarist. While attending the New Jersey City University/Saint Peter's University, Leonel studied classical guitar with Ana Maria Rosado.

Just as Leonel took his first musical journey from the Algarve of Portugal to Andalusia, Spain, his passion for world music has grown to include the music of Spanish Latin America and Brazil. Another musical interest of his is progressive rock. At present, he works as a freelance guitarist in the New York, Miami, Panama  metropolitan areas,  performing an eclectic repertoire for concerts, wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and private parties. 





 New York /Miami: 201-341 387/347-708 0066 

 Panama: 507-662 973 59                      



                Artist: Dorie Dahlberg (link)

        Leonel Pereforming at Wedding Ceremony


Leo's Songs

http://www.lorador.com/Se Ela Perguntar.mp3http://www.lorador.com/Fragile.mp3http://www.lorador.com/Noite de Luna.mp3http://www.lorador.com/Cinema Paradiso.mp3http://www.lorador.com/How Deep is Your Love.mp3http://www.lorador.com/Europa.mp3

http://www.lorador.com/El Farol.mp3 http://www.lorador.com/Maria Maria.mp3http://www.lorador.com/Historia De Un Amor.mp3

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